Bar is being stocked 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

Bar is being stocked

Staff interviews have taken place and we have a real treat instore for our guests, the bar is being stocked and cocktail techniques practiced. We had our first guests in a sneak preview of the Crows Nest function room, some of the things they said were amazing:

Finishing touches 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

Finishing touches

Now the dust has settled we are just adding some of finishing touches -The sign company have been up on ladders, cutting out letters and ensuring everyone knows how to get around the building. We’ve had lots of visitors who have loved the style and ambience of the place. 

On a mission 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

On a mission

The big site clean up has begun, Hoovers, brushes, mops and cleaning products are out in floor as we begin to clear the dust. Our renovations team are slowly departing and we are on a mission to get the venue ready for the public.

Creating a flavour 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

Creating a flavour

The copper still which is being handmade should be ready to install in June. Testing has begun, offsite at 45 West in Leicester, for Bond Street’s Signature Gin with the help of Master Distiller Jamie Baxter from Craft Distilling Services.

hard work paying off 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

hard work paying off

The Joiners have been busy this week, doors, gates, more doors. In total 24 doors have been measured, planed and fitted.
They are shattered! Jim, George, Ash, Tom and Zac have been very busy with all things wood – Making a distillery has definitely been hard work in the heat.
So you may have seen them being stylishly modelled around town by our building team since the site T’s arrived, please feel free to ask them any questions. We’ve even had a few enquiries to purchase the T’s from some of our daily passers by, soon….. very very soon…..
Do you know how many litres of paint it takes to paint a distillery? We can tell you because the Painting team have been spraying, cutting in, undercoating and final flicking room after room….. It is really starting to look amazing!
Exciting deliveries 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

Exciting deliveries

The first spiral staircase is being fitted and we have to tell you it’s looking gorgeous, Boss stairs have done us proud. Pete, Leon and the team have been busy – we know that people will enjoy this walk upstairs!
Some days you just need a bit of light and as they arrive Simon and Martin are definitely getting them working.
It’s here! Claire our 700 Litre copper still is here and she is gorgeous. Bond Street Gin’s Distilling team are chomping at the bit to get her fired up.
Rendering/outside work 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

Rendering/outside work

Outside has finally been cleared and the rubbish strewn carpark is finally looking like a carpark. The rendering on the outside has gone up and passers-by have started to show an interest in what we are doing.

New stairs/studwork 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

New stairs/studwork

Local Builder Rob Deacon of Deacon Builders has taken on the task of the building work with Martin Elliot and Simon Bond from Elliot Bond Electrical all making this building safe, bringing it up to date and future proofing it. We have a Master carpenter Jim Nickerson travelling from Whitby (formally from Leicestershire) providing some of the necessary and important restoration to the older building and Plumber Chris Dewden re-establishing a water and heating system throughout. It feels really good that local tradesmen are onsite getting excited with me about this building. A good week as the custom made staircase was fitted in the Distillery area. It finally means that everyone can get up stairs safely, the building is changing slowly but surely.

Framework 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n


Now to start designing how to showcase this building’s heritage and breathe life back into it, creating a whole new history as Hinckley’s first Gin Distillery. Finally all the smashing, ripping out and clearing of the modern debris and thousands of unidentifiable cables has finished and the first new stud walls are going up – following a successful interpretation of my ideas in to plan. It’s exciting to think that in a few months this place will be ‘The Bond Street Distillery’.

Sand blasting 150 150 ffwd_BSD_L0g1n

Sand blasting

Simon the sand blaster has been in – taking off a Hundred years of dirt, grime and layers of paint to reveal beautiful beams, bringing the gable roof and brickwork back to life and restoring the industrial feel to this amazing building.

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